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Tuesday, 11 November 2014 Berlin

Berlin was one city that I absolutely adored. 

We stayed at the East7 Berlin hostel, sharing a room with 8 other people and, there, we met Jess, the crazy, beautifully minded, tattooed Californian, and Dan, the slightly more introverted car fanatic from Melbourne. We also met a large group of Spaniards too who, coincidentally, were also from the same area that where I stayed for a week, to do my Spanish exchange with Secondary school: San Sebastian.

We arrived on the day of the Germany vs. Brazil World Cup game and, after meeting and greeting everyone in the hostel kitchen, we all hopped onto the metro to join the crowds at the Brandenburg Gate. With 3 (4,5,6) beers in tow, we were quick to find our place within the hustle and bustle and chanted along with the patriotic crowd. Making friends (without being able to speak a word of german), our faces became painted and we were invited to join the rest of the crowd at a street party after the game...

The next day was Phoebe and I's chance to go sightseeing. We joined the back of a free walking tour which guided us through the Galleries and Monuments, through from East Berlin to West Berlin and ended at the Holocaust Memorial.

Walking around the memorial was really moving. The artist wanted to mimic feelings of isolation and disorientation whilst walking amongst the towering grey blocks... I reckon he was successful.

That evening, Jess, Dan, Phoebe and I were recommended (by the tour guide) to visit the 'Tresor' nightclub, as an alternative to the notoriously strict entry policy at The Berghain. We didn't get home until daylight.... 

I can deffo confirm it was one the best nights I've ever had. No photo's indoors though, although we managed to sneak a couple :)

I adored Berlin and was so inspired, I bought a book all about Berlin Street Style. 
When I, inevitably, wind up back in the German capital, where do I need to go? What have I missed?

I am so keen to head back soon!

Speak soon :)
Hannah x

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