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Friday, 31 October 2014 Prague

Prague was an interesting city. Plentiful of 'Lads on Tour' and Absinthe types, but the history and the scenery, especially about and around the 'La Boheme', was really beautiful. The detailing in the tile mosaic above the opera house was exquisite. (First Picture)

Prague was also where Phoebe and I met with some friends, old and new. We went on a notorious Prague pub crawl with all of them, which was fun, but I can't say I am itching to go back...

We also made the boys Pedalo us around the river...

I am still very much in touch with the friends we made there though :)

Hopping over to Berlin next - One of my favourites!
Did you enjoy Prague more than I did? What did I miss?

Hannah x

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