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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 Amsterdam

Amsterdam was gorgeous; another favourite city of mine.

The cobbled streets, vast array of shops, Art galleries and the laid back lifestyle is what particularly enchanted me, perhaps not so much the seedier, darker stereotypes that the city holds.

Phoebe's Dad actually lives in the more, perhaps 'real', side of the city. He lives in 'Den Haag', which actually, by being amongst those who live and breathe it, it shed light on the Dutch lifestyle: utterly and completely horizontally, laid back. Everyone cycles and everyone drinks outside by the canal; The perfect summertime city scene. 

Their style also seemed very slick and clean in the way that they dress, very European, but perhaps a little more colourful and daring.

We only had a short glimpse of Amsterdam (we had one night there) but I really would love to go back. 

Would you recommend anything that I have seemed to miss?

Speak soon! :) Hannah x

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