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Sunday, 23 November 2014 Brussels (and Bruge)

I'm not too sure what to say about Brussels.

It was a very quaint and pretty city (poet hehe), as was Bruges, (we took a day trip there) and the food was scrumptious, but I think from the onset, we had a pretty dodgy experience with the hotel we were staying in. 
When we arrived, we bumped into a concerned Canadian man in the lift and first thing he said to us was:
 "How on earth did you two girls end up here? This hotel is shite. Something out of a film where prostitutes would be taken to bed" 

"Oh rightyho then" we said in a very twee English manner and vowed to never venture outside of the room past 7pm.

I would safety say that Brussels didn't really leave any amazing, lasting impressions to be quite honest. The miserable weather didn't really help either. I have some really close family friends who once upon a time actually lived just outside of Brussels, in a place called Waterloo and they were really upset that I had such a rubbish experience! They adored and still do adore the Belge Captial... 

Perhaps I need to go again with guaranteed sunshine, recommended places to visit and also a not so seedy room to stay in. Thoughts? Would it be worth visiting again? 

Speak soon! 
Hannah x

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