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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 Vienna

The impressions I got from Vienna was that it is an extremely cultured city, especially within Art and Music.
I adored Vienna for the mad array of art museums and the city's beautiful, romantic architecture, but unfortunately because of time and money limits, we were only able to explore one Museum (The Mumok) and flit in and out of the buildings, fleeing from the downpours of summer rain.

We were luckier in the evenings however, as the rain did seem to stay at bay and we just stumbled across a couple of music and cultural events that were happening across the city. 

The first evening we arrived, we just happened to stumble across the Danube Festival and although the weather was slightly drizzly, we were ecstatic to find out that Rita Ora was headlining. Being the avidly proud Brits we are, we put the Austrians to shame as Phoebe and I sang along to every word. (I don't think she is quite so big over there yet!)

During our second evening, we hopped off the metro at the University and came across a Film Festival which was being held right in front of the town hall. The setting was beautiful, but after watching one Dance film and gorging ourselves on a hot dog (and the free wifi) , we decided that we still had enough time to squeeze in a trip to the Prater, the world's oldest amusement park. 

We hopped onto the chain swings where,  as I squealed with excitement throughout the whole ride, Phoebe clung onto the handlebars for dear life and tried her hardest not to sob. Soz Pheebs.

I would definitely go back to Vienna for a short break, but more if I wanted to get some arty research or needed inspiration, rather than a fun-filled, action packed weekend.

Have you been to Vienna? What have I missed?

Hannah x

Ps. I also realised I got a little confused with the timings and I actually spent the day in Vienna before Budapest. Whoopsie (Prague is definitely next) 

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