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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 Venezia

I go back to Uni on Saturday and I have mixed feelings about it. Half of me can't wait to see my friends, let out some steam and perhaps add some purpose to my life, but the other half feels absolutely freaking terrified.To be a student going into their final year seems incredibly daunting, and what's even worse about it is that it means I have to turn 21 in January and finally graduate in the Summer. I am going to be a grown up and grown ups have to make scary decisions about what direction their life will go in. Pray for me. 

Although, looking back over the beautiful, eyeopening never ending summer I have had of travelling, meeting the greatest people and expanding my future sights, it does spur me on to keep on going, grabbing every opportunity with both hands and getting those experiences that I will never have the chance to have again. So I guess I just have to breathe and maybe, one day, if I keep doing that, I will end up exactly where I am supposed to be. :)
It's a little late but in June and July I travelled to 9 different European cities :
Venice > Slovenia > Budapest > Vienna > Prague > Berlin > Amsterdam > Brussels > Paris.

Although I loved every moment of my trip, my favourites were Budapest (for the nightlife), Berlin (for the nightlife) and Paris. Paris was one of the beautiful cities I have ever been to and is probably a city I need to visit again and want get to know inside and out. 

However giving each city the justice it deserves, they all have a dedicated blog post just for them.

Starting with...

Venice! I found Venice was a little more touristy compared to the other cities I visited. On our day of sightseeing, we fortunately managed to wing ourselves free tickets to Doge's Palace from a very nice American woman who bought 2 too many, but I do think we would have had a better day if we went against the touristy way and explored it on our own. 

In fact, the best part of the day was getting on the wrong water taxi down the Grand Canal and hopping off at the first station, which turned out to be very arty and have cute little cobbled streets, just out of the way from the main St Marco Square (I wish I could only remember the name of it!). That was where most of my most prettiest pictures were taken too.

I wouldn't say that I am rushing to back just yet, but maybe I would go again once I fall in love, have lots of money and am able truly appreciate how romantic the city is. We also made a couple of Canadian friends in the bunk next to us and they were coming to the end of a Italian tour. They mentioned themselves that their experience wasn't 'truly italian' and recommended a smaller, authentic italian city called Lucca. I actually saw, whilst researching way back last year about inter railing, different type of ticket which solely was for travelling around Italy... on a bike though. That trip would really appeal to me but maybe that trip is for when I (one day) make the big bucks, as Italy is a excruciatingly expensive country and also have a regular routine at the gym!

It also may have rained quite a bit during our sightseeing day. That probably slightly dampened our experience with the city. (Notice the pun)

I will be posting about my time in Lesce Bled soon :)

Hannah x

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