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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 Packing for Interrailing

(I am in Paris for Bastille Day!)

Today I go travelling for 3 weeks. Yay for me! I am so excited. Promise I will show off my snaps when I get back and in the meantime, I have thought of sharing with you a little snippet of what I am taking away with me. 

My Bessie and I, Phoebe - also mentioned in this post, have been maliciously planning, budgeting and organising our escapade for many months now, but the one thing that we had trouble organising he most was what we should pack with us. Clothes wise, toiletries wise and everything else wise.

It probably would be fair to say that Phoebe and I have different approaches to organising ourselves. I guess that I am more of a planner and Phoebe is more of a grab and go kinda gal. Although I reckon I am pretty low maintenance in reality, others would highly disagree. Phoebe included.

Nevertheless, here is what I see as travelling essentials and will take with me on my adventures around Europe... please don't laugh!

I think these photos are pretty self explanatory, but still in the first image is all the toiletries I am taking and the second is my makeup. All the items from the first image fit into that red pouch and all my makeup fits miraculously into the pink pop-artesque makeup bag. That little black pot is what I keep all of my hair paraphernalia in, it used to be a pot that a face-mask from Lush came in; I am taking that little hair tikka with me in that pot. Perfume wise I am not too sure whether to take a full blown bottle, half a bottle of something or just shove a miniature in with my hand luggage... Decisions, decisions eh?

Secondly, we come onto clothes. The top image includes two pairs of shorts, 5 dresses, a dunagree dress and a playsuit. For me, I think it's easier to just chuck on a dress rather than fiddle about with shorts/skirts and tops and it also means I can dress them up or down and layer with tights if needs be.

The second image includes 4 crop tops of different styles, for layering and also wearing with highwaisted shorts, and two tshirts.

The third image includes a bikini, a swimsuit which can double up as a body and also two pairs of pjs. 

The fourth image includes tops for when it gets a little chillier, including a sheer blouse, a sheer jumper, a lightweight jumper and two cardigans. These are also really easy to layer and can also be tied around my waist if I get too hot.

I am taking 4 pairs of shoes with me and will most probably live in my trainers, hence the huge amount of socks. I wear my jelly shoes with socks funky or frilly socks and also thought my jelly shoes would be perfect as they were cheap, but still easy to wear day to night. I also stuffed all of my knickers into that little brown bag to save space and will stuff my socks into my jelly shoes to save space in my bag too. Flip flops are essential for walking around/showering in the hostels too!

Lastly, these are the items that didn't really fit into the Toiletries/Clothes categories and are 'just incase' bits and bobs really. My friend Daisy (luv u) kindly lent me her microfibre towel from when she went travelling last year, which means I have a towel that not only saves space, but can also dry really quickly. I also am bringing my hair turban so I am not faffing around with my crazy, curly locks, flannels for my sensitive skin, a first aid kit, an extra padlock, an adapter, travel wash, tissues, facepads and cotton buds. 

All of that fits perfectly into my travelling case, which also turns into a backpack as it has convertible straps included with it. Very clever.

Hand luggage wise, I am taking a smaller backpack and taking a couple of books (A Fault in our Stars, The Great Gatsby and went on a whim with this curveball: 'The Interestings'), some magazines, a hat and boring, essential things like money, my phone, sunglasses, my charger etc. I did however, buy a bobble bottle for my travels and will be also taking that! 

What are your travelling essentials?
Have I overpacked haha?
Speak to you when I am home!

Thanks for reading :)
Hannah x

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