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Sunday, 22 June 2014 FAB U LOUS

Heidi Hi - Long time no speak! I can only blame myself for that, mucho soz.

Although I may have been a lazy tyke and neglected my blog, I promise it hasn't been in vain.
The past month has been a total whirlwind: in-between finishing Uni for the year, unpacking all of my belongings and packing them back up again, working at 2 different hotels, basking in this glorious sunshine and styling up numerous outfits for a festival (to then be stuck in bloody bed with food poisoning - gutted) it seems that life has been running at 100mph and I am only just about able to take a breath. 

Alas all is not lost, as for the past fortnight I have been fortunate enough to dip my pink-polished big toe into the lapping sea of fashion journalism, interning at The Sun's Sunday magazine supplement: Fabulous Magazine.

I have to admit, I was a really nervous to begin this particular placement, but I was rest assured when I met the Fabulous team, as they were so welcoming and accommodating throughout the whole of my time with them, it really was a pleasure going to work experience everyday.

After commuting to Tower Hill and gleefully skipping along the beautiful St Katherine docks (absolutely bloomin' gorgeous in the sunshine!), my day to day duties entailed arriving at the office at 9:45am, popping off to have a chinwag with the posties three times a day and eventually lugging the huge postal trolley back up to the office.

As the Fashion Team have a LOT of call-ins from PR companies and Brands, it can get pretty heavy! I managed to knock over a huge plant pot with one particularly heavy trolley... soil, leaves and entrails of a huge bloody palm tree crash landed all over the office carpet and it created a huge commotion in the process... the whole office turned and watched me crawl into a hole of embarrassment. 
Hey ho, it was okay once I burst out crying with laughter and the office even seemingly joined in with laughing at my misfortune... I still left looking like a cherry tomato though.

Moving on from that little incident, my other duties included making teas and coffees for the team and helping pack/unpack cases and rails for photoshoots, but most importantly, doting after and caring for the baby of the team: the fashion cupboard.

The cupboard can seem to get a little overwhelming at first, as the huge pile of returns seems to only grow larger and never die down, but once a system gets going between you and your fellow interns, it does not seem half as daunting as it does at first. Luckily, Emily (my fellow intern) and I got on really well and worked together, looked out for one another and helped each other out as a team. 
(Big Love for you Emily xx)

What the Cupboard looked like when it was behaving...

A monstrous pile of returns. gah.

The most exciting part of all though, was when I had the opportunity to join and help the stylists with the photoshoots. The first photoshoot I went on was with the gorgeous Laura Whitmore on a Beauty Covershoot. (The magazine is out today infact!)

The concept for the shoot was bright, 80s block colours, mainly focusing on the makeup. In the end, we didn't use the outfits we styled up for the shoots and just stuck to block coloured dresses that were coherent with the background colour, to make the crazy and creative makeup and nails really pop. 
She looked gorgeous in every shot.

The Clothes...

The Makeup...

The shoot...

I also had the chance to go on another cover shoot with Cher Lloyd, but I will share the photos of that shoot once the magazine hits the stand! The concept for that shoot was quite different... but wait and see!

Me posing in the loos, getting an outfit shot.

The main thing I took away from my time whilst interning at the Fabulous was how important it is to be not only sincere and dedicated, but also staying positive and smiley throughout the whole of your placement. It seems that it doesn't matter how well dressed you are or how 'fashionable' you are, the main thing that stands out is a can-do attitude and never questioning any task you are asked to do, be it big or small! At one shoot I told a story to the stylist about how I ripped up a pair of jeans with a cheese grater... I was then set on a mission to find a cheese grater within the middle of a council estate. However, with a little bit of thought and consideration I managed to come bouncing back with cheese grater in tow and a smile on my face.

I loved every moment of my placement with Fabulous and it has only spurred on my confidence and willingness to start my career within Fashion and print media. THANK YOU FABULOUS!

Have you completed any internships this Summer?
Did you enjoy your time as much as I did?
Hope you did!

Thanks for reading :)

Catch up soon
Hannah x

(PS: If you have any questions about anything else I did during my placement, don't hestiate to ask!)

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