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Monday, 21 April 2014 Lovely Liverpool

Helloooooooooo! I am sorry that I haven't written in a week or so, but I have been so busy with family over Easter and just generally getting myself organised back at home, plus I have had loads of work for final assessments and the like.

However, like I said I my last post, I went to Liverpool the weekend before Easter and my Lord, what a wonderful city it is. 

The above photo was taken during the day on Saturday, when Cat and her sister took me on a grand tour of Liverpool town. Of course, we went past the famous Cavern Club and walked down Matthew Street, onto the AMAZING shopping quarter and then stopped off for burgers and beers in Almost Famous

Hands down, it was the best burger I have ever had, and on top of those fries we had 'bacon rain' and 'baconnaise' which was so, so yummy: I can't give it enough justice.

We later walked onto the Albert Docks for a look around, and then headed home to get ready for the night out ahead.

Liverpool is such a fantastic city and I will most certainly pop back up when I have a little bit more cash  (and time) to spend in the amazing shops and restaurants that they have. Such a cool place and deffo recommend it for a night out too. 

Short and sweet post, but speak to y'all l8rs

Hannah x

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