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Sunday, 27 April 2014 Grafea

My penchant for Bags has always been apparent for as far back as I can remember. 
For me, a beautiful bag is the key accessory that has the effortless ability to transform the most basic 'black-jeans-and-white-tshirt' kind of days into looking 100 times more stylish, simply by adding a buttery soft leather tote; a textured, embroidered mirrored pouch or even a garish, bright purple and pink bumbag, slung around the hips.

Now if I wasn't a poor, penniless student, My first port of call would directly to the Grafea website.

At current, my bag obsession favours the Backpack. Sprouting from plans to go travelling last September, I have been searching and searching for the perfect, roomy yet pretty, backpack which will serve me many purposes including exploring European cities; prancing inside festival dance tents and also keeping busy with my day-to-day errands back at home and also at work experience.

First spying these beauties on Instagram (fabulous for inspiration fyi), I fell in love with the 'Wild at Heart' Bag back in the Summer (Bottom Left) and I am yet to still get over it. The candy coloured 'Hari' Backpacks (Top Left and Bottom Right) are also very popular amongst some of my favourite bloggers, such as Kavita, Em and Sarah

I adore the 'Opposites Attract' collection's crisp silhouette and combined with the clean leather, the collection lends itself a much more expensive, sumptuous aesthetic than one would assume with the £170 price tag. 
Although a girl can dream, £170 is quite steep for my budget at the moment... maybe next year!

Do you have a Grafea bag? Do you know any (cheaper) dupes?
Speak soon
Hannah x

PS Lily Allen is killing it at the mo, she is Sheezus and pls may I be one of your disciples? fankoooo x


  1. I am so obsessed with Grafea bags, just wish I had the money to buy one! My fave is the all white one! x

    1. beautiful aren't they! I think I need to save up for one hehe xx

  2. Hi, THis website has a similar dupe for the fraction of the price :)


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