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Friday, 2 May 2014 Loan Day Purchases

Yay! Loan Day has arrived! :D

Finally, I am able to book all the hostels, reservations and passes I need for my European travels next month (I can't believe that it has come around so quick!!) and also treat myself to some snazzy outfits and accessories, ready for all of the exciting things I have coming up this Summer.

Above are some of the recent bits and pieces I have purchased and cannot wait to wear!
From Top to Bottom Clockwise:

South Beach Kimono - Love the fringing and the neon will look great against a tan on Holiday.

River Island Neon Animal Print Trousers - Saw these in the shop and thought they would be great for work experience! Although I find River Island trousers come up a little bit small on me, I fell in love with the print and can't wait to wear them around London. Love these trousers too but I thought one pair of pink trews will do for the mo.

New Look Pink Checked Skirt - Saw this skirt on the beautiful Sarah and it's been bookmarked ever since she posted that blog!

Shellys London Sandals - I LOVE THESE SHOES! They are super flattering on and I thought they were well worth the £75 as, not only did I have 20% discount the other day, they are made of real leather so they will last. New Look's Jilly Sandals are a cheaper alternative however.

I am also tempted to get some of these ASOS Please Sir loafers, (a la LLYMLRS but in a bright, tropical print instead) but for the moment I will see how I get on with my gorgeous Shellys first hehe :)

Primark Bikini - I thought the Daisy print was really sweet and it was only £4 for the set.

Katie Eary Swimsuit - I thought Katie Eary's collection for River Island was to die for and I had a really hard time choosing between this red swimsuit and the other, fiery one. I am a little upset though as I think it's a little bit big for me boo :(

Have you bought anything recently?
Got your eye on any summery items?

Thanks for reading!
Speak to ya soon

Hannah x


  1. The red swimsuit is gorgeous. I love the detailing at the front, reminds me of a corset. I might actually get one, would you say that the sizing is quite large then?

    1. thank you! um the sizing isn't large no but the bust is a bit gaping for me, i might pop in some padding to shape it out but im not too sure yet! xx


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