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Wednesday, 2 April 2014 ASOS Wishlist

Although it is nearing towards the end of term and finances are dwindling, I think a little bit of window shopping doesn't hurt.

The above pieces are my favourites so far from the current ASOS collection, including the website's concession brands. 

From Top to Bottom:

I do think that my current wardrobe does lack a 'girly' factor and, especially as we are now coming into Spring/Summer (SO EXCITED), I feel it would be rude not to add a little 'juj' through a shocking pink/ crisp white colour palette being thrown into the mix, in amongst the overwhelming amounts of black within my wardrobe.

 However, I did sneak in a pesky little ounce of black with the ASOS 'HOMEWORK' Heeled Sandals. But I have no regrets, as I think they are really fun and would add a little touch of Mexican spice with the pompoms and pretty embroidery in powder paint colours. 

I love both pairs of ankle boots too (1, 2) and think they would look great in the summer evenings with a little Tshirt dress and the Hair Crown for extra prettiness, or even paired with the vibrant, 90s tinged Ribbed Bodycon Dress, that I particularly adore from my wishlist. I will definitely be clicking 'add to basket' on that dress when loan day arises.

Do you guys have trouble injecting colour into your wardrobes coming up to Summer?
How would you wear these pieces?
Give me some inspiration hehe! :)
Speak to yous soon

Hannah x

ps. 'juj' is a word that I use regularly, not sure if it is supposed to spelt like that but to add 'juj' means add a little bit of spice or va va voom... you know when you 'juj' your hair..? x

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