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Friday, 28 March 2014 Tartan

The other evening, I went out with the Uni gang for one of the Boy's 21st Birthday. 

This photo was taken just as the girls and I were heading out of the door. 

I borrowed my housemate's American Apparel Polo Neck top, as mine is being borrowed by another friend at the mo, My Mum's Tartan Skirt and Primark Jelly Shoes. I also wore my Michael Kors watch and little hoop earrings. On my lips I wore MAC's Cherry lip liner with a smidge of Ruby Woo.

I am quite proud of that Tartan skirt. I found it at the back of one of my Mum's drawer during the Christmas holidays and she kindly said I could keep it. Although it is a little big, I managed to safety pin it and tie a couple of knots in the side so that it did fit. 

I swear, everytime I go home my Mum pulls out some gem out of her wardrobe; quite the style icon is Karen.

I was glad that we all went out, because I have been feeling quite stressed out as our final semester is beginning to draw to a close. It means that all our deadlines are looming and we also are deciding upon our module choices for our final year. As our final year is the most important year it is quite crucial to get it right! 

It feels like Uni is going past so quick... seems like yesterday I was describing my Year 2 choices to my friends in the pub back at home. It is quite scary that I graduate next year, I don't want to grow up just yet...

Ohwell never mind, I just have to keep slogging through until the final deadline and then I can bask in the sunshine - Positive thinking is key my friends!

Speak soon

Hannah x


  1. That skirt is lovely, mums have the best things lurking in their wardrobes!
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. certainly do! just have to wait until she goes out to have another look haha.... xxx


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