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Monday, 24 March 2014 TEDxTalks Cardiff

Just a quick post this time, as I thought that this event couldn't go without one.

On Saturday, I went to the TEDxTalks event at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.
I knew about the event through following TED on twitter; I love watching the TED archives when I am in need of some inspiring words to boost my motivation or even when I am feeling sorry for myself and my faith in humanity needs a little restoration. 

The above photo was from one of the 'kind of' speakers: Kizzy Crawford. I say 'kind of speaker' because she didn't really give a talk as such, but created a kind of electronic folk song for us, with just her voice, her guitar and a loop pedal. 
She created this song, right infront of the audience. So cool. 

It was great to finally TEDxTalks live and I left feeling inspired and motivated to get the best out of my life. 

Have a look at the TEDxTalks website to see all of the amazing speakers who were at the event, and hopefully they will inspire you too. 
Hannah x

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