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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 Spring has Sprung

Aaaah the whimsical breeze of British Springtime seems to have finally graced our presence:
 the beautiful, yet still refreshing sunshine, the premise of beer gardens at lunch and the knowledge that the highly anticipated summer holidays are no longer a lifetime away, but a mere few weeks. 

Springtime is my favourite time of the year and although I was born in the dingy darkness that is the month of January, I think I feel at my happiest during the Springtime.It is neither too hot nor too cold, and everyone is on tenderhooks, waiting for their summer plans and trips to finally come to fruition. 

The above photo was taken whilst at Bestival in September 2013. I went as a crab to correlate with the HMS Bestival theme and basically just wore my American Apparel Nylon Tricot Dress, drew crab's legs on my arms with facepaint and threw glitter all over myself.

This Summer I am going travelling around Europe and also hope to go to a couple of festivals. I am going to one one day festival near my hometown and also hope to go to a couple of weekend festivals, probably Bestival again and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in Secret Garden PartyLast summer I, perhaps waste is the wrong word, but saw most of the beautiful sunshine from the inside of London offices, during Summer placements. So, this year I think I am due to let my hair down and basically, just have some fun. 

Whilst counting down the moments until I pack my backpack and haul it over my shoulders across fields and upon European trains, I think one Springtime essential, in the run up to the freedom of the Summer holidays, is my Spotify Playlist.

Personally, I think that the premium membership is worth every penny, especially with the 50% discount for students. With the membership I am able to have access to the songs already on my computer, aswell as every other song in the history of the world within Spotify
I can create playlists which can be used offline and on my phone too. 

The above playlist is a mixture of songs which keep me well and truly motivated at uni, aswell as keeping up the excitement for Summer. I love finding new music and keeping older music alive, so some of the songs on there are a little obscure, please forgive me; I do love disco and 90s trash.

You can also take a look at my soundcloud here. I usually use soundcloud when I am going out in the evenings, to get excited and also something to bop along to whilst I get dressed and the like... so that playlist is a little more... active perhaps. I do love it though! 

I was thinking about creating a playlist especially for my blog, that I could perhaps pop into the sidebar? Would you think that is a good idea haha? 
Thanks for reading!
Hannah x


  1. I love your summer playlist ! Put me in such a good mood :) Bring on the sunshine !

    X Emma


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