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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 Bombay Bicycle Club

On Sunday evening, I went to see Bombay Bicycle Club at the Great Hall In Cardiff's Student Union.

The above photo was taken during their song Lunawhich is currently one of my favourite songs from their new album: So Long, See you Tomorrow 

The vocals within Luna, are from the gorgeous voice of frontman, Jack Steadman, and is also accompanied by Rae Morris' ethereal tone, who supported Bombay Bicycle Club too.
I think the starry, blue night sky background from this set looked absolutely beautiful.

During their set, Bombay Bicycle Club recreated their 
perfectly formed, tinkling depth which captured the whole of the audience's hearts and happiness. 

 My favourite Bombay Bicycle songs would probably from their early days, including Lamplight from their first album, Fairytale Lullaby and Flaws, How Can you Swallow So Much Sleep and of course, the happy-go-lucky number: Shuffle.

I do have to admit that I was a little bit late to the Bombay party and only in the past year have I really began to listen to them. However, after seeing them at Bestival and I walked away feeling extremely impressed by Number one, Jack Steadman's seriously beautiful, glittering voice and Number two, the unbreakable spell of fascination of Bombay cast upon the audience. 

Their lyrics are also not quite, let's say run of the mill love and sex sort of lyrics, but words with resonance; being the sentimental, reflexive kinda gal I am, I kinda love that about the band. 

My ultimate favourite song from their new album, and aswell of all time, has to be the brassy, upbeat tinklings of Feel. The above photo is from that performance.

Unfortunately, they didn't play their cover of F for You that I included within my my previous post, however I still had a really lovely evening and cannot wait to have the chance to see them again!

I love seeing my favourite bands live and hope to see a lot more this year.

Hopefully I will hop to some festivals this year and catch them.

Do you like Bombay Bicycle Club? Who would you recommend to see live?

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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