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Friday, 21 March 2014 BANKS

Last night, I went to the Trinity Arts Centre in Bristol to see LA singer/songwriter BANKS.

Now I know what you must be thinking; as my last post was about Bombay's gig was uploaded only a mere few days ago, it must seem like I go out seeing bands on a very regular occurrence and can't get enough of it. Even though it would be an absolute dream to live that rock and roll, glam lifestyle, I can promise you that unfortunately it was only a coincidence that both gigs were so closely dated to one another.

Although I can admit, I do love seeing live music and no, I do not think I can get enough of it.

Focusing on BANKS - I think I might be in love with her. She is stunning, dresses so well and isn't arrogant in the slightest.

Her voice has so much power and strength, yet her persona emits modesty; her music speaks of personal battles with insecurities with herself and others. (Most of the time her problems with the males but hey, I love her honesty). The best word I can find to describe her is glittering

She was recently on Radio 1 with Alice and Phil and the reception that she has had has been nothing short of incredible. Rightly so in my eyes, as her cover of Aaliyah's Are You That Somebody was gorgeous.

My favourites of hers are Brain and This Is What It Feels Like. We also had a sneak preview of a couple of songs from her Debut album and Goddess sounded promising.

That evening I wore all black everything with some gold accessories: my Uniform pretty much.

Sheer tshirt worn underneath from American Apparel, Sheer jumper with slits in the shoulders from Topshop, Skort from Missguided, black opaque tights, frilly socks from Urban Outfitters and Jelly shoes from Primark.

I wore my Michael Kors watch, vintage curb chains and a vintage silver bangle too.

Have you heard BANKS' music? 

Do you like these outfit posts, and if so, would you like to see more of them?
I quite like the mirror effect as I thought it looked quite funky funky hehe :)

Speak soon
Hannah x

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