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Friday, 14 February 2014 Soft Paris

Last night I went to Soft Paris' Lingerie event at a club called Tonteria in London, with my friend Egle.

It was really fun and the club had a cool Mexican 'Day of the Dead' theme that really appealed to my love of Sugar Skulls and fajitas.  

More importantly though, the lingerie at the event was beautiful and I thought that the nightwear was especially gorgeous.

To the event I wore a black midi Topshop dress with mesh netting, tights and heeled boots. I also took my faux pony skin clutch, wore my casio watch and curb chains as per usual.

I did want to try and channel a Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits look, but perhaps I went a bit more witchy with the black on black. 

Nevermind though - I had fun!
Ps. I thought this song was quite cool, same lady who sung the lyrics on Drake's track 'From Time' and Childish Gambino:

Very fitting for V'day I thought.

Have a great Valentine's day and evening ;)
Hannah x

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