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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 Northern Weekender

This weekend I popped up North to see some of my friends at their Universities. 
Firstly, on the Friday I caught a train with one my good friends, Cat, to see our friend and her housemates who currently go to uni in Leeds. We went to see David Rodigan that evening, at Mint Warehouse. 

This is such a wicked photo of Cat.

The venue was absolutely packed with people, full to the brim with happy smiley faces and none of us could stop dancing until 5.

That evening I wore a fishnet sleeved leotard, a denim pinafore dress, 2 curb chains and my new boots from missguided.

Feeling a little weary the next day, I was due to further my travels onto Sheffield, to see one of my longest and oldest friends, Phoebe.

I am so hanging in that photo! :/ When I got to Sheffield, Phoebe and I went for a pizza to soothe our heads. On the way down I wore gingham jeans,  a polo neck long sleeved top, a black leather and faux fur coat, h&m pink beanie and my black flat leather ankle boots. 

Whenever I see Phoebe, we always insist on taking many. many photos as we hardly ever see each other.
(She lives in Newcastle, me in Winchester and P goes to Sheffield Uni whereas I am at Cardiff)

I met all of her lovely housemates, they are all great and funny and we all stayed up late on the Saturday evening drinking cocktails and playing Innuendo Bingo. (Such a great suggestion may I add)

That evening I wore a vintage silky black blouse, black leather shorts, tights, sparkly socks and my trusty missguided boots once again. I also took out my faux pony skin clutch so I could carry around the Mojito money hehe :)

I must say that, prior to this wonderful weekend, I was a northern virgin. I had never popped my cherry over the north/south divide and am quite embarrassed to say that I had never been north of London in the duration of any of my 20 years. 

Now that I have broken the borders, I can solemnly say I love the north. I love the vintage shops; I love the people; I love the accent and I love the nights out. Can't wait until I can find another excuse to venture up again. 

Thinking that the next adventure may be to go visit the fashionable Northern Quarter in Manchester.
Cat can't get over the pulled pork sarnie in 'Home Sweet Home' or a burger in 'Almost Famous'.

Can't wait.
Hannah x

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