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Sunday, 10 February 2013 Interview with Rachel Michaella

Hello! Sorry once again for my lack of blogging over January/December... it has been a hectic couple of months!

Now that I am finally back into the swing of things, my blogging mojo has been revitalised, and alongside a layout shuffle and revamp, I have created a list the length of my arm for prospective posts which I am so excited about!! ^-^

However first things first, I held a little twitter interview back in December (I know - it seems like a very longtime ago) with the wonderfully talented and kind Rachel Michaella.

Founder of the very successful fashion and music blog,, Rachel is also the Editor-In-Chief at webzine 'British Style bloggers'. Her CV also includes writing for publications such as Company magazine, and the Daily Echo,  and after gaining behind the scenes access to London's Fashion Week and the 2012 British Fashion Awards, her hard work definitely seems to be paying off! 

So, I was delighted when she agreed to be involved with a twitter interview with me!

@loop94 : oh wow! - did it take a while for you to get the confidence to start publishing yourself on the internet? 100% did for me!

@rachelmichaella : I'd been publishing things for years so it wasn't a massive jump, but I think it does take more confidence to blog as opposed to publishing in a magazine/newspaper in a way because it's all you - your graphics, your editing, your voice entirely.

@loop94 : So how do you fit your blogging lifestyle into your week? I'm guessing as a student it is really hectic to stay on top?

@rachelmichaella : I don't post as much as I'd like because I don't have the time but its about finding the right balance. You have to be pretty organised. If I'm spending a day blogging or reporting and I have an essay due, you have to make sure you're always thinking ahead. It doesn't always work though - I tried to do Fresher's Week and Fashion Week at the same time and it DID NOT work. I was burnt out.

@loop94 : Ooh I can imagine! - sounds like all of your hard work does pay off though? What is your 'blogging highlight'? 

@rachelmichaella : there are so many, but I'd have to say the British Fashion Awards 2012. I got to dress for a red carpet and meet so many famous and respected people in the industry. It was so surreal!

@loop94 : Final question of this short but sweet interview - do you have any tips/guidance for a blogging amateur like me? :)

@rachelmichaella : success isn't a statistic - do it for yourself and not for page views! Statistics drive you crazy.

I love that little piece of advice Rachel gave at the end - It is so true! I think blogging should be a way of expressing your own personality and style. It can be easy to be persuaded to write what you think readers want to read, rather than something you are passionate about! 

Thank you so much Rachel for the little interview and I am sorry it took so long to post!

Catch the latest happenings with Rachel at or have a look at the webzine British Style Bloggers!

Hope you enjoyed my interview, and do not forget to comment! 

Hannah x

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