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Monday, 10 December 2012 Clothes Show Live

I have had the best week!

Not only has this week meant that Christmas is slowly encroaching back into our lives (which I am SO excited about!) I also had the opportunity to attend The Clothes Show Live  up in the NEC, Birmingham!

I have been looking forward to going to Clothes Show ever since I heard that a designer who's work I absolutely adore was attending: Mark Fast

The Canadian designer is slowly climbing to the top of the fashion hierarchy, after releasing a collaboration with Topshop in 2010 (where our love first blossomed) and then going on to conquering London Fashion Week, he has gained such clientele as Daisy Lowe, Nicola Roberts, Jessie J and Rihanna - to name a few. 

Rihanna in Mark Fast Dress for Marie Claire
(I do not own photo)

During his interview, Mark revealed his love for London and the 'mysterious energy' that McQueen's legacy gave to British Fashion. Mark also noted that, unlike his homeland in Canada, London provides a perfect platform for promotion. 

His diffusion line, Faster by Mark Fast was perfectly mentioned after his comments on promotion, and two dresses from this line were exhibited. These knitwear dresses were instantly recognisable to be from the Mark Fast label, because of the cobweb features, bodycon styling and fringing which were adorned on the dresses. Beautiful. 

After seeing Mark's interview, I was able to be included in a seminar about careers into Fashion Styling. The seminar was hosted by Fashion Careers Clinic and led by Caryn Franklin, who has been dubbed as part of 'Fashion's elite', and gave great insight into the working behind close doors and really gave me inspiration to keep on focusing on achieving my career dreams! 

However, although I am sure you are greatly interested in what I learnt at the Clothes Show, I also took many a photo of the HUNDREDS of stalls and fashion markets which were held within the NEC - it was my idea of heaven.

Sorry about the rubbish quality of the photos - taken from an excited Hannah on an iPhone!
Talking about Heaven - I thought I would include a couple of shots from the Suziki Fashion Theatre (see final two images)

The first includes Grace Woodward and Henry Holland, who hosted the show, interviewing The Clothes Show Live Ambassador: Daisy Lowe. Daisy also walked the catwalk exclusively for the show, and inevitably, looked breathtaking. 

The Last shot is just a bit cheeky really - the 'model castings' of male underwear shots. (hehe)

Overall, I had the best day at  The Clothes Show Live, and made me sure that I want a career in fashion!

Did you go to the Clothes Show? What were your highlights?

Hannah x

(PS: Let me know if you like these longer posts, or shorter ones? Either way I am happy to comments!)

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