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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 Come Together

As my little 'about me' section on the left hand side says (yes I did have to make the 'L' with my hand to work that out - no judgements here) as from September 2012 I have become a Cardiff University student. 

Not only does this mean staying up to the early hours for numerous reasons, usually for alcohol fuelled reasons, but the prospect of meeting new people from all across the country, and other countries, comes to reality. 

This weekend, one of my new flatmates took me to one of the best nights I have had in an extremely long time; tears were shed, smiles were shining and pride was beaming out of my new friends heart, all because of this very special night.

The theme was a from the 60's , so after bee-hiving my barnet and adding lashings of mascara and eyeliner to envy that of a certain Miss Winehouse, my two flatmates and I tottered off in our platforms to the venue. 

The event was in aid of my flatmates boyfriend's 21st, and as he attends the music college here in Cardiff, he and his band were able to transport us back in time to The Cavern Club, where The Beatles were formed. Yes, with the help of fellow pupils at the music college, a brass band and a string quartet nonetheless, they were able to create time travel.

I cannot express how truly astonished I was by him and his band. 

It made me daydream about having all of them playing at my wedding, (in the very far future I might add - haha) because the pure happiness and true emotions that they were able to produce from not only their proud family and friends, but also the hearts of those who are unknown to them. (eg. me)

These photos do not give them enough justice to how amazing they were, but I hope  they project the atmosphere of the place whilst they were playing...

Excuse the rubbish quality - was taken from a video I  made on my phone!

As you can see there were even costume changes!

It was such a good night and I am so happy that my flatmate invited me. Made me think to  say yes to opportunities as much as you can, as you never know what they might bring.

Hope that brings a little Tuesday joy  :)

Hannah x

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