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Monday, 24 October 2011 yellow diamonds in the light

Evening all! :]

Being an avid Rihanna fan, I have just watched (and fallen in love with!) her video for the single: 'We Found Love'.

The styling in her video reminisces those '90's drug scene' kids who were popping pills and gliding on their skateboards during their teens; noticably seen with grungey accsessories such as ripped suspenders and creepers, and also with acid wash denim and studs.

Although I do love the grungey look seen in her video, quite frankly I don't have the balls to pull of the 'suspenders and cropped denim' look. So this style I've made is a take on grunge, but with touch of luxe sprinkled through:

Day Look
Red Shirt - Topshop £28
White Shirt - River Island £25
Shorts - Miss Selfridge £30
Socks - Topshop £5
Shoes - (Converse) Office £37.99
Earrings - Topshop £5
Ring - Love Hearts and Crosses £6

Evening Look
Tshirt Dress - Wildfox £83 
Necklace - ASOS £25
Socks - Topshop £4
Shoes - ASOS £75
Bag - ASOS £20

Loving the ankle socks at the moment!

I am so tempted to buy that gorgeous Wildfox tshirt dress off ASOS when pay day comes in, with my student discount and all, but it's still going to be £76.50! Blimey O'Riley decisions decisions... C'est La Vie!

Hope you all enjoyed my looks :]

Love, Hannah Louise xo

PS: I had to change where I found the cross ring in the day look, ASOS, as by the time it came to posting it had sold out! :( Sorry that the images don't match, but I am sure the two rings will be very similar, almost exact! xx 

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