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Saturday, 17 November 2012 fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

The other evening I went to an event in aid of the widely known cause of 'Movember'. 

Situated within Cardiff's city centre, the evening was hosted by Buffalo Bar who not only offered stalls full to the brim with vintage clothing and accessories, a menswear fashion show, showcasing the A/W'12 collection from Urban Outfitters, was also included. 

Yes, this meant that the male models had to sport 'Movember Moustaches' - Bloody Hilarious. 

Here are a few photos from the evening, including a few of the gorgeous vintage pieces, and also a few random photos of outfits etc. 

1. Saturday night outfit options - I love this Topshop midi skirt but I had cold feet to wear it out because of how bright it is, so I wore it for the event to make me look a bit more 'sophisticated'. I think the midi length did give a more 'ladylike' look... or here's hoping.

2. Final outfit choice - I would usually wear this combination in the height of summer, however with a white crop top instead of a black one, as it looks quite casual with a pair of gladiator sandals and a pendant necklace. I thought I was making a major faux pas pairing blue and black together, but my flatmate told me it was only applicable to navy and black, so blame her if I have defied all the rules!

3. Lush cocktail at Buffalo's - tasted like heaven.

4. A snippet of one of the accessory stands. 

5. Fell in love with the bee ring- so cute! Reminds me of Stephen Webster's insect collection, but obviously a much more kitsch version. 

6. & 7. Racks upon racks of vintage clothing.

8. Vintage bags - loved the black faux croc one.

9. 10. & 11. Beautiful pieces that I wanted to snap up in an instant:

- Black fur, quilted and studded coat - so pretty and 100% fully encapsulates my style.
- Heavy embellished oversized tshirt - great for a quick 'put together' look for any evening.
- Scarf printed sports jacket - Reminded me of 80's Adidas jackets which look really cute for daywear, whilst the print would also add some feminity to the 'sports luxe' trend.

12. Models from the Urban Outfitters fashion show. (Fully equipped with stick-on moustaches)

13. My flatmate and I in town after the event.

14. This neon sign was displayed right in the centre of the bar - the gaudiness made me giggle.

15. A painting outside of a club in Cardiff - it says 'Cardiff Fashion Quarter' - quite ironic as it is down a really dingy alley... you wouldn't want to be there by yourself at night!

16. Another update: I got glasses. I only need them for reading and concentration really, but  I do find them as a bit of a security blanket for those 'insecure days'. Anyhoo, this is a photo I sent to my friend who wanted to see what I looked like with them on! ( I was also in the process of getting ready to go out so excuse the dressing gown etc!)

Phew that was post was a biggun! I hope to attend more events soon so I will post what I get up to in due course... But this will do for now!

Have you done anything to support 'Movember'? Do you own any vintage clothing?

Hope you like! 

Hannah Louise xo


  1. oh em gee ur so fashan.
    luv ur style very vc (winchester chic)


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