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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 Milan

One of my Best Friends in the whole wide world, Alice, is completing her Uni year abroad in the fashion and cultural hotspot, Milan; As a little pre-birthday treat to myself, I took a trip over the continent and visited her. 

Alice's cute lil pad
On our first full day, we went out for brunch/breakfast at a great little place called California Bakery. The quaint building was a buzzy hotspot for business people, busy out and about mothers, students and creatives alike, and also for giggly English females too.
California Bakery 
California Bakery
 Me with my Brie and Cranberry Open Sandwich mmmm.
Wearing Vintage Jaeger Blouse, underneath Mango Bodycon Dress and Mango Wishbone Necklace.
Alice with her Veggie Pancake (I was a little jealous as it looked so yummy!)
We ate and ate until our stomachs hurt, probably from our laughing and catching up too, all whilst ogling at the gorgeous Italian business men in slim cut suits, hehe. 
A little sad that we didn't leave enough room for cake (they were to die for), we headed on for a little stroll into the center of Milano.

Milano Castle
Central Milan
Duomo di Milano
(Milan's Cathedral)
Alice toured me around the must-see touristy sights: the Castle and the Cathedral. I was amazed by the size and the vast detailing of the Cathedral building itself: I couldn't quite believe it was all built by hand!

Beautiful glass windows inside the Cathedral
Statue of St Bartholomew, carrying his own skin.
This statue is famous in Milan and apparently, the statue is all anatomically correct. 

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
First Prada store inside the Galleria
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the world's oldest shopping arcades (according to wiki) and is also where all the designer shops are situated. Naturally, I wanted a little snoop around and span around 3x on the Turin Coat of Arms for good luck too. 

(It is good luck to spin around 3x on the Bull's balls on the Turin Coat of Arms, but as it has been worn down so much, all is left is a hole in the ground!)

cioccolat italiani (Chocolate cafe)
Naughty Chocolatey treats
Alice also took me to a little Chocolate cafe that she found; it was very naughty but oh so worth it.

TermeMilano Spa
In the evening, as a gift to each other for our 21st Birthdays, we decided to luxuriate ourselves. 
What better place to be to do so? We headed to the TermeMilano Spa, after many recommendations, and we instantly felt a ripple of relaxation the moment we stepped into the building. 

The spa itself has many different relaxation rooms on the top floor, filled with beds, sofas and fire pits, whereas the bottom floor is where the jets, saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis live. 
We also managed to brave the cold night air and took a dip into the outside pools, but quickly wrapped ourselves back into our dressing gowns swiftly after! Our alcohol blankets from the free pink champagne proabably were our saviours too.

Pretty Italian Apartment Block
Gorgeous building we saw whilst walking into the centre of Milan - turns out to be an Architect Studio
The next day was the final day of my short but sweet trip, so we strolled through the outer parts of Milan on the way to the train station. I love the european stone work, it makes everything look so grand, yet clean and continental. 

Goodies from Milan, Top Right Clockwise:
Mango Bodycon Dress, Moschino Coca Cola, Mango Wishbone Necklace, Choccie presents from cioccolat italiani, Milan Metro tickets, Versace Disaronno, Italian Elle.
Presents from cioccolat italiani - the wrapping was so pretty! 

Whilst in Milan we did, of course, spend a little money and splurged in the sales. I was pretty happy upon finding that Mango dress, as I have been looking for it in the shops since seeing it in the fashion cupboard back at my internship in the summer. I also became a little bit of a fashion victim and treated myself to the Versace Disaronno and Moschino Coca-cola bottle in duty free. 
Apart from that I was good - I promise!

I adored Milan and would love to see more of the city (especially over fashion week!), but the main reason for my quick trip was to see my main girl and have a blissful evening with her as a girly, birthday treat. Thank you Alicia for having me! xxx

Where shall I hit next time I go to Milan? Where are the not so touristy hotspots?

 Speak soon
Hannah x


  1. Gorgeous! Haven't been to Milan in forever, really need to go visit the city again x

  2. Beautiful impressions! Haven't been to Milan in so long, I need to pay another visit soon x


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