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I am Hannah Clarke, I am 22 years old.
I have brown hair, hazel eyes and always endeavour to see the best in people. 

I currently roam between Winchester and London, but I also do try to travel further afield as much as I can.

I have many aspirations, but ultimately I hope to one day write, style and be a sole part of PR, branding or within a publication. Maybe one day, I would be able to create my own hardback styling book to add to another's coffee table; but that is, I admit, a bit of a pipedream. 

I love to collect, appreciate and treasure arty films, visual books and magazines and all pretty things, aswell as reading great novels and adhering to my eclectic and adverse music taste. My favourite tipple of choice is a leafy, gritty, limey mojito and I do like to have a lil' boogie at the weekends.

I am a constant dreamer and wholly believe in fate, serendipity and perhaps naively, ritually read and trust my horoscope (I am a capricorn). I would love to have my fortune told but unfortunately I am too much of a scaredey cat.

sheisclarke is a keepsake of fun times and also a little taster of my personality and personal style too.